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It’s no secret. Your pet loves your team as much as you do. At we understand that a sports fan isn’t a label, it’s a state of mind that involves loyalty, passion, and dedication to one's favorite teams and sports. That’s exactly why it's our pleasure to offer the sports fans who are pet owners a selection of official pet sports gear from the top leagues in American sports. Now your furry friend can represent your favorite sports team year around with our collection of officially licensed NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, NHL, and NASCAR pet sports gear!

Our pets sports gear includes collars, leashes, leads, vests, hoodies, jerseys, t-shirts, bowls, toys and more. Let your furry friend sport the various teams like for the NFL; there are the thirty-two complete teams to choose from. Just make sure the jersey size is correct before ordering, but if not, not a problem! Just give us a call or email us so we can help you find the right size.

So why do we purchase pet sports gear? It's all about the joy of sharing a special bond with our loyal friend because we are now a team just as in sports.

When our dog is outfitted with our favorite team's name and logo the extra attention received is always plentiful and appreciated by both our friend and us. Have you ever seen anyone shun a dog because they have an opposing team's attire? Aside from the attention received, pet sports gear can help keep our canine friend more comfortable during cold or inclement weather.

So what we find here is another interesting way to share a bond with mans best friend. The bond can be shared during quiet times, active times or just about any time. Our canine friend just enjoys and appreciates the attention, companionship, and joy that the moment offers, regardless of the method or particular time set aside for it.

Our online store also gives free shipping orders for a certain amount whether or not the orders are all jerseys or a combination with other dog items or toys. Some of these are dog tennis balls, food bowls with sports logos, hooded sweatshirts, pretty collars, leashes, and mats.

T-shirts, bandannas are also some of these items which may be needed by your furry friend. The bandanna can go best with the jersey or separately worn at another day, while the t-shirt can be worn any other day. Pet owners can also choose to order different jerseys for each sports type and season ahead of time to avoid the rush of online orders when the sports season comes. Also, ask for the number of shipping days so everything's set and hassle-free.

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