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Ani Mate F14 Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder Black 1ea


The Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder is a high quality automatic aquarium food dispenser. Individual compartments allow a varied diet suitable for all popular flake or pellet foods. The battery operated timer serves up to four meals a day, with a capacity for up to 14 meals total. Provide...
Zoo Med Bettamatic Automatic Daily Betta Fish Food Feeder White 1ea


Automatically feeds your Betta once daily. Can be used to feed your Betta while you are away, or use to feed your Betta at a regularly scheduled time each day. Mounts directly to side of tank, or use enclosed rail kit for round bowls and other tanks. Uses one AA...
Tetra Connect Wi-Fi Controlled Aquarium Feeder - 1 count


The Tetra Connect Wi-Fi Controlled Aquarium Feeder takes the chore out of feeding your fish. This simple and reliable feeder offers precision dosing and is compatible with multiple types of food including flakes and crisps. This Wi-Fi-controlled device mounts directly on top of your aquarium and automatically dispenses food to...

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