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Prevue Pet Products Parrot Playstand


Prevue Pet Products Small Parrot Playstand Black Hammertone 3181 includes 8 hooks for hanging multiple toys and treats, along with 3 ladders for plenty of space to climb. A swing is even included for more playing fun! Double cups provide room for food, water and treats, and the easy-rolling caster...
Prevue Pet Products Hanging Steel Cage Stand White


Prevue Pet Products Tubular Steel Hanging bird cage Stand in Black is a heavy-duty tubular steel bird cage stand with a strong 4-leg support base. This stand can hold bird cage sizes up to 24 inches wide and 40 inches long. Easily assembled and featuring a black epoxy coated finish,...
Prevue Pet Products Scrollwork Bird Cage White Jumbo


Prevue Pet Products Jumbo Scrollwork bird cage in White 220W is a vintage inspired design featuring delicate scrollwork plus a decorative finial top. Fashionable yet functional, there is plenty of space for your cockatiel, or other small to medium sized bird, to play and explore. Included are two hooded plastic...
Prevue Pet Products Travel Cage White


Prevue Pet Products Travel Cage is an ideal solution for short-term traveling. Perfect for small parrots the 9 x 9 side access door allows birds to walk right into the cage. A removable bottom grille and plastic pull out tray make cleaning effortless while storage is simple as you can...
Prevue Pet Products 25212 Pre-Packed Square Top Parakeet Or Cockatiel Cage


Prevue Pet Products pre-pack of two Square Top Keet/Tiel bird cage contains one Black and one White bird cage. Includes bottom grille, pull-out plastic bottom tray, two wood perches (1/2" diameter) and two plastic hooded cups. There is a large front door that has a smaller door within it. Overall...
Prevue Square Top Bird Cage - Small - 1 Pack - (16"L x 14"W x 18"H)


Prevue Square Top Bird Cages provide a comfortable, convenient home for your cockatiel, parakeet, or other small-to-medium sized bird. Each cage features a removable grille and pull-out debris tray for easy cleaning, as well as 2 hooded cups and 2 wood perches. Comfortable, spacious home for cockatiels, parakeets and other...
Prevue Select Bird Cage - White - 18"L x 18"W x 57"H


Prevue Select Bird Cages provide top of the line comfort and convenience for you and your cockatiel. Each wrought iron cage features an integrated playtop with perch and ladder, a large, double-locking front access door, rounded corner seed guards, a removable grille and pull-out debris tray for easy cleaning, and...

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