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JW Pet Comfy Perch Multi-Color 1ea/21 in, Small


Keep your pet bird comfortable and stress-free with the JW? Pet Comfy Perch. The Comfy Perch is a simple, multi-colored rope that works wonders for helping to relieve cage stress and boredom. Twist and bend the Comfy Perch into any creative shape you want. Each end attaches to a wire...
Zoo-Max Blocks Bird Perch - Medium 12"L x 10"W


Your feathered friend will love this Zoo Max blocks bird perch. They will love to play & perch on it, with various wood and acrylic parts for more fun. Hanging from 100% cotton rope with a quick link this toy is excellent for many birds. 100% cotton rope Various wood...
Prevue Pet Naturals Coffee Wood Straight Branch Perch - 18" Long


Prevue pet products Naturals coffee Wood bird perches are made from coffee trees, an ultra hardwood used for long-lasting durability. The natural irregular shape of this Perch provides great foot exercise as birds walk and climb up, down and around. Ideal for a larger-sized bird or multiple smaller birds. Bolts...
Prevue Carpenter Creations Hardwood Bendable 6 Section Ladder - 24"


Prevue pet products large bendable ladder is ideal for small and medium birds. Make your birds cage an activity center with a Prevuew Hardwoon Section Ladder. Made Of 100% Safe, Non-Toxic Materials Easy To Install Bird Ladder Easy To Clean Bird Ladder is 12" Long Bendable and Easy To Hang...
Penn Plax Bird Life Natural Wood Tree Perch - 11" High - (Small & Medium Birds)


The Penn Plax Bird Life Bird Perch Tree is an all-in-one jungle gym for pet birds! Made with natural, premium kapur wood from Borneo, the tree features uneven perch "branches" to maintain healthy feet, with stainless steel cups to hold treats and seed. Variable diameter perch for maintaining healthy feet...
AE Cage Company Happy Beaks Triple Ring Cotton Rope Swing - 1 count


A&E Cage Company Happy Beaks Triple Ring Cotton Rope Swing is triple the fun of a single rope swing! Birds love to relax and swing and even take a nice leisurely nap while swinging. While they think they are relaxing they are actually exercising their feet, legs, and neck while...

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