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Zoo Med Beta Bed Leaf Hammock

from $4.99

A naturalistic leaf hammock for your betta to rest on. Allows your betta to rest near the surface of the water just like they do in nature. Attaches to betta enclosure with suction cup.. Features New; large size leaf hammock for your betta to rest or sleep on! Great for...
Tetra Tetrabetta Plus Mini Pellets


Features pro-care blend of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids for optimal health. Quality floating pellet food also contains beta-carotene and other natural color enhancers for maximum beauty. Highly pallatable mini-pellets deliver bite-size nutrition ideal as a staple diet for all siamese fighting fish. Will not cloud water when used...
GloFish Aquarium Ornament Gloria

from $13.98

GloFish Gloria Aquarium Ornament Introduce your finned friends to this GloFish Gloria Aquarium Ornament! This vibrant and bubbly faux fish is finished with a neon green color and has a joyful facial expression to add a pop of positivity to your aquarium. Gloria is available in two sizes and her...
GloFish Castle Ornament

from $15.49

GloFish Treasure Castle Ornament is a brightly colored, incredibly detailed aquarium ornament that provides a fun swim-through setting for your fish! Detailed aquarium ornament Brightly colored castle Provides fun swim-through opportunity for fish This castle ornament enhances your aquarium environment and shines brilliantly under LED lighting while providing a fun...
GloFish Aquarium Ornament Dragon

from $15.99

Add personality to any tank with the Large Dragon Ornament GloFish Ornaments provides an ideal hiding place for your GloFish- helping to reduce stress White, blue and black lights reflect different colors of the finish The large size is great for bigger tanks with more fish Turn any tank into...
GloFish Aquarium Plant Decoration

from $3.99

GloFish decorative aquarium plants are the perfect way to quickly convert any aquarium into an exquisite GloFish environment. These plants are designed to create an underwater wonderland for your fluorescent fish and stand out beautifully under blue LED lights. Your friends and family will love watching your GloFish decor come...
GloFish Aquarium Ornament Driftwood

from $15.99

GloFish aquarium kits, lighting and decor create an underwater fluorescent wonderland that appeals to all ages and levels of expertise. With our full range of vibrant accessories uniquely designed to work with GloFish LED lighting, you can transform any aquarium into a GloFish environment at the click of a switch....
Beta Mopani Wood


The Betta Mopani Wood creates the increasingly popular dark water effect which simulates a bettas's natural habitat. In turn, this can encourage natural behaviours, such as bubble nesting. The wood also provides additional shelter, interest, and enrichment which may help reduce stress. Features Betta Mopani Wood Creates dark water effect,...
Zoo Med Floating Beta Log


ZooMed Floating Betta Log ZooMed Floating Betta Log- Make your Betta Happy! A Natural looking floating log for yourpet Betta to sleep, play, breed,.
Zoo Med Floating Beta Exercise Mirror


Small mirror suspended with a floating ball. When your betta sees his reflection he will exercise his fins. Reduces boredom from captivity. Watch your betta perform natural behaviors..
Zoo Med Beta Plant


Naturalistic looking Philo Plastic Plant for Betta Bowls and Tanks. Adds a natural highlight to your Betta bowl or nano tank. Provides cover for hiding and resting. Adds a natural highlight to your Betta bowl or nano tank. Provides cover for hiding and resting. Includes suction cup for easy anchoring/attachment....

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