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Aqueon Princess Castle Aquarium Kit


Aqueon Princess Castle Aquarium Kit Aquen Princess Castle Aquarium Kit .5gal This princess themed castle aquarium is ideal for a single betta. It is colorful, fun and great for a child's room. It is a half gallon tank with castle shaped lid with feeding hole. It includes a decorative plant,...
Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet

from $9.99

Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet The Algae Cleaning Magnet from Aqueon is the easiest solution to effectively remove algae from your glass or acrylic aquarium. The bottom-weighted scrubber falls straight down after seperation. The bowed bottom weight allows the scrub pad to rest above the gravel for easy retrieval while reducing...
Aqueon BetaBow LED Desktop Fish Aquarium Kit


2.5 gallon desktop aquarium kit Beginner betta habitats no longer need to be a simple bowl Aqueon LED BettaBow is attractive, stylish, and easy enough for a beginner hobbyist Features a sleek, low profile LED energy efficient light hood with feeding tank, elevated base, and Aqueon QuiteFlow filtration Our starter...
Aqueon Beta Bowl Aquarium Kit


Low-maintenance, economical kit to get you started Half gallon betta aquarium includes divider for housing up to two betta per aquarium Easy-open feeding door allows for feeding betta without taking the entire lid off Aquarium plant, gravel, and samples of food & water care included! Aqueon Mini Heater or Flat...
Aqueon Beta Puzzle Half Gallon Aquarium Kit,

from $9.99

The Aqueon betta puzzle kit is an interlocking half-gallon Aquarium kit with an eye-catching, colorful design. Includes decorative gravel, a small plant, and samples of betta Food and betta bowl plus water Conditioner.

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