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Patio Pacific Endura Flap Kennel Door

$350.00 from $289.00

Patio Pacific 03PPK06 Endura Flap Kennel Door Number 06
Endura Flap Replacement ROD


Endura Flap Replacement Rod Flap Size Flap Dimension Small 6" w x 11" h Medium 8 " w x 15" h Large 10" w x 19" h Extra Large 12" w x 23" h These are available in four sizes to fit each Endura Flap size For Panels/Sashes: Take the...
Endura Flap Patio Pacific Height Extension Part for Dog Door

$34.99 from $12.99

Endura Flap Patio Panel Height Extensions The Endura Flap Patio Pet Door Height Extensions are a part of the anti-whoops feature included on all Endura Flap Patio Panel Pet Doors.  Extension for Endura Flap brand Patio Panels and Sashes Gives you an extra 3/4" added to the panel or sash adjustment range...
Endura Flap Bug Warden for Dog Doors

$99.00 $92.00

THE PROBLEM  A patio pet door for your sliding glass door is a simple, quick and easy solution to adding a pet door to your home. No muss, no fuss and, usually, no messy installation to worry about. One problem is that when you open the slider for ventilation, the...

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