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Marineland LED Aquarium Light Hood - 30" Long x 12" Wide


Marineland LED Light Hoods create natural shimmering daylight with a built-in night light effect. The light hood is hinged for easy access to the tank. Designed for "fish only" marine tanks or for freshwater low-light planted tanks. May also be used as an excellent light for refugium systems. Hinged top...
Zoo Med Tropic Sun 5,500K Daylight Bulb - 17 Watts T8 (24" Bulb)


Zoo Med Tropic Sun 5500k daylight bulb. Standard intensity daylight. Ideal for freshwater fishes and live plants. Balanced full spectrum daylight lamp, which simulates natural sunlight. Brings out the natural beauty of aquarium fish and plants while enhancing clarity. Standard intensity daylight Ideal for freshwater fishes and live plants Brings...
Zoo Med Betta Dome Lamp Fixture - 40 watts


The Zoo Med Betta Dome Lamp fixture Very small dome fixture for nano-size aquariums and fish tanks 10 gallons or smaller. Ideal for Bettas, shrimp, other small nano fish and invertebrates. For use with Betta LED Lamp and Zoo Meds Nano lighting and heating products. (Lamps not included)
Aquatop UV Replacement Bulb - Standard - 13 Watts


Aquatop UV Replacement Bulbs are highly efficient and effective UV bulbs designed to replace the existing bulb in a variety of UV sterilizers. Help keep your water clean and healthy with these UV bulbs that rid your tank of algae and dangerous parasites while keeping water crystal clear. Helps keep...
Zoo Med Nano Ceramic Heat Emitter


24-hour heat Lasts up to 5 years Emits no light Country Of Origin: China

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