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JW Pet Furbuster 3-In-1 Cat Grooming Glove


FurBuster 3-in-1 cats grooming glove fits comfortably around your hand. This grooming glove comes with inner straps for smaller hands to ensure a universal fit. In addition, this grooming glove has an adjustable wrist strap to keep it secure. Mesh outside allows water to flow through and encourages quick drying....
Safari Cat Rubber Curry Brush


The Safari Soft Tip Massager is the ideal grooming aid for cats of all breeds. The molded rubber massage brush reduces shedding and is dual-sided with long and short bristles for complete grooming. Its thick teeth are great for wet or dry coats, so theres never a bad time to...
Jw Pet Gripsoft Cat Shedding Blade Gray, Yellow One Size


The JW GripSoft Cat Shedding Blade is a circular shaped blade with tiny teeth attached to a comfortable non-slip rubber handle. This tool is designed to keep fine textured and long haired cats tangle and mat free. JW Gripsoft Cat Shedding Blade also aids in the reduction of shedding and...
Coastal Safari Cat Flea Combs Extended Handle


Our Safari Cat Flea Comb effectively removes fleas and debris and detect skin problems in early stages. Available in single-sided and double-sided. Before using, groom your cat with a Safari cat comb or brush to remove mats and tangles that could damage the teeth of the flea comb. If needed,...
Spot Silver Vine Self Groomer For Cats Grey 5 In


Silver Vine Groomer easily attaches to a corner of a wall or door so cats can groom themselves. Cats enjoy the feel of the flexible nubs as they rub against the groomer. Includes a silver vine/catnip blend to attract cats. The top layer removes easily for quick clean-up. Comes with...
Vets Best Waterless Cat Bath 4 Fl. Oz


Vet's Best Waterless Cat Bath (4 oz) No Rinse Waterless Dry Shampoo is a soothing mix of Aloe Vera, Neem Oil, Vitamin E, and Oatmeal that gently cleans, conditions and moisturizes your cat's skin and coat. Our stress-free application makes it easier to keep your cast smelling fresh while helping...
JW Pet GripSoft Cat Deluxe Nail Trimmer Yellow, Gray 1ea/One Size


The JW GripSoft Deluxe Nail Trimmer for Cats is an easy to use guillotine style trimmer to make trimming your pets nails safe stress free . The non slip ergonomically built handle is designed to be more comfortable on the hand making grooming a more pleasurable experience for you.
JW Pet GripSoft Cat Nail Clipper Yellow, Gray 1ea/One Size


The JW GripSoft Cat Nail Clipper is a part of the JW feline only grooming line. This nail clipper is just the right size to safely and easily trim your cat's nails. The non-slip comfortable rubber handle makes it easier to hold the clipper providing a safer grooming experience for...
Earthbath Waterless Grooming Foam For Cats and Kittens, Fragrance Free 4 Oz


Earthbath specially formulated this Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Foam for cats (and their humans) who don't enjoy traditional water-based bathing. This rub-on, towel-off formula makes grooming a cinch! Gentle cleansers whisk away dander, dirt, and residual saliva helping resolve human/cat allergies and leaving the coat with a plush, show-quality shine. Helps control...
Safari Bristle Cat Brush - 1 Pack


The Safari Cat Brush is excellent for general grooming of cats of all sizes. With a comfortable, ergonomic handle and tough bristles, this brush helps to eliminate mats and tangles while removing loose hair. Regular use will also help to reduce shedding. Great for all breeds of cat Helps maintain...
JW Gripsoft Cat Slicker Brush - Cat Slicker Brush


JW GripSoft Soft Slicker Brush is especially designed for pets with sensitive skin and fine, silky coats. The soft rubber-sheathed handle gives you a non-slip, comfortable grip while you give your cats and kittens a soft, gentle brushing. Ideal for cats with soft, sensitive skin and silky coats No-slip, comfortable...
JW Gripsoft Cat Brush - Cat Brush


The JW GripSoft Cat Brush is designed to make sure you never get another scratch or claw while brushing again. Features soft, gentle pins that won't hurt your cats skin, and a comfortable, sure-grip handle for easy brushing. Soft, gentle pins ensure comfortable brushing Untangles mats and snarls for a...

Cat grooming supplies helps keep your cat looking their best. But as most cat owners know, feline’s live by routine so be sure to introduce new products slowly. Don’t be surprised if you find that you’ll need to try different approaches. When it comes to cat grooming the main priority is to keep their stress levels to a minimum. It’s normal for a cat to be defensive or vocal during a grooming session to be sure to break them down in to short sessions. Brushing alone won’t prevent expensive vet visits. Your cat also needs their claws trimmed and getting their paws cleaned before hand helps to soften them.

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