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Many people love their dogs and treat them like a regular member of the family. Anything we feel they need, we provide them with it. But, we also expect them to behave well and do whatever we tell them just like any other family member. Anytime they act weird or get sick we worry and take them to the vet instantly.

Most of us choose a dog for a pet because of the joy that can be shared with our dog and us. Simply stated, the dog finds a good home and attention; we find an unconditional friend and both find companionship. When we are sharing time with our four-legged friends, the result is pure joy between the two of us.

Usually, when we have a good time, we find our dog close by and wanting to share in the joy of the moment. Our dog is an integral part of our daily lives and loves attention just as we do, whether "we" will admit it or not.

If we are sports fans, we want to somehow include our dog in the love of sports. The reasons we choose to do so are varied, to say the least. Our dog is a part of our team and will never defect to the opposition because of a better offer. Our dog is always in a good mood and never complains about the score or a bad call; he or she just wants to share at the moment.

Just like any regular member of our family, we also like to give our pet dogs mostly things we feel they need to keep them active and make them healthy. We give them their daily walks, play with them, buy them toys to play with, special collars to wear, nutritious food to eat, we give them regular baths, brush their teeth, clean their eyes and ears, and if we want to give them their private world within the house, there's the comfortable dog couch too!

The luckier ones get some extra though. Their pet owners let them sleep in their rooms, have other dogs to play with them, their accessories and other items are personalized, they get dressed up, and yes, they even get custom-made jewelry and regular grooming services when their owners can afford it. Talk about royal treatment!

Now, about dressing up our best friends, there are many fresh ways to do it. Wealthy owners get their Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, bulldogs, or whatever breed of dogs they have, custom-dressed. From the colors, fabric type, and design, these pampered dogs have it going for them. That may be a little bit expensive for most pet owners. But despair, not our best friends can still suit up with the coolest MLB Dog jerseys around!

Gear up your buddy with your favorite MLB, Dog Jerseys anytime and show everyone your team! These jerseys come in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes, so there's no worry whether your buddy's a Chihuahua, a St. Bernard, or any other breed. They also come in different colors, so your best friend can have a different MLB Dog jersey every day when the sporting season comes in.

Here is to the pursuit of happiness, the happiness of pursuit, or both, depending on how the dogs look at it! To learn more sports gear for your furry friend, check out our pets sports gear section!

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