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Flukers All Natural Moss Bedding Substrate Green 4 Qt, Small


Real moss terrarium bedding provides your pet with comfort and shelter in a natural environment. Perfect for any terrarium. Suitable for reptiles and terrestrial amphibians. Ideal for frogs, salamanders and green snakes.
Flukers Castle Crib Reptile Basking Platform and Hide Assorted Colors - 1 count X-Large


Add instant shelter, basking space, and water source to your reptiles habitat. Cast polyresin Castle Crib looks like real rock but lifts out easy for cleanings and maintenance. Space-saving hide-out and basking area Offers reptiles the coolest place to hide, hang out, and relax Great for lizards, snakes, arachnids, and...
Flukers Premium Crested Gecko Diet - 8 oz


Made with real fruits and insects, Flukers crested gecko diet is delicious food for fruit-eating Geckos in all life stages. This easy to mix powder provides essential vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and trace nutrients to support the overall health of your gecko. Made with real fruits and insects (banana, mango, blueberries,...
Flukers Repta-Bowl - Large (9" Long)


Flukers Repta-Bowls are made of tough, non-porous material and look just like real rock. The natural look suits all terrariums and encourages reptiles to feed. These bowls are ideal for food or water and are easy to clean and disinfect.Flukers Repta-Bowls are heavyweight for lasting durability and resistant to tipping....
Flukers Reptile Corner Bowl - Large


Flukers Reptile Corner Bowl provides a space-saving feeding area for any reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate. Designed to fit flush against the corners of your terrarium and blend in with the scenery, this bowl may be used for food or water. All-purpose food/water dish for terrarium pets Space saving design fits...
Flukers Screen Cover - 30 Gallon Tanks (12"L x 36"W)


Flukers Screen Covers are made of durable metal to provide a secure habitat for your reptile or amphibian. Its durable construction withstands high temperatures and heating devices while allowing excellent air circulation and reducing growth of mold and bacteria. Durable metal construction withstands high temperatures from heating devices Mesh screen...
Flukers Spanish Moss Bedding Large


Spanish Moss Bedding is perfect for any terrarium and provides comfort and shelter for your pet. This Product/Package Measures: 9.00 in. L x6.10 in W x2.80 in D
Flukers Spring Loaded Bamboo Bars - 2 Pack - (Extendable from 10.5"L - 15"L)


Flukers Spring Loaded Bamboo Bars feature the look and texture of real bamboo to provide tree-dwelling reptiles with a safe, naturalistic climbing surface. Suction cups on each end pivot to mount just about anywhere in your pets terrarium. Looks and feels like real bamboo Suction cups pivot to fit almost...
Flukers Tortoise Diet - Large Pellet - 3.25 lbs


Flukers Tortoise Diet is made from the finest ingredients nature has to offer, resulting in a premium, highly nutritious food that meets the daily needs of all tortoises and box turtles. These vitamin-enriched pellets are easy to feed and taste great for fast acceptance. Complete balanced nutrition Vitamin enriched formula...

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