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Safari Bristle Cat Brush - 1 Pack


The Safari Cat Brush is excellent for general grooming of cats of all sizes. With a comfortable, ergonomic handle and tough bristles, this brush helps to eliminate mats and tangles while removing loose hair. Regular use will also help to reduce shedding. Great for all breeds of cat Helps maintain...
Safari Cat Rubber Curry Brush


The Safari Soft Tip Massager is the ideal grooming aid for cats of all breeds. The molded rubber massage brush reduces shedding and is dual-sided with long and short bristles for complete grooming. Its thick teeth are great for wet or dry coats, so theres never a bad time to...
Safari Combo Brush - Medium


Safari Pin and Bristle Combo Brush is a dual purpose pin and bristle grooming brush. The Combo Brush is used for dogs to promote a shiny, healthy coat. Use the bristle side to distribute the dogs natural oils throughout the coat. Pin brush clears tangles, mats and shedding hair Bristle...
Safari Dog Grooming Comb Medium/Fine Silver 1ea/4.5 in


Our Safari Dog Comb is available in your choice of medium/coarse coat or medium/fine coat versions. The wide and narrow spacing of teeth on the medium/coarse coat dog comb provides complete grooming and the teeth are extra long to penetrate to the root of the hair. The fine/medium coat dog...
Safari Dog Soft Slicker Brush Light Green, Dark Green 1ea/Medium


Featuring stainless steel pins, our Safari Dog Soft Slicker Brush gently removes mats, tangles and loose hair. With regular use, these high-quality slicker brushes will also reduce shedding for a healthy coat and home. The non-slip grip makes grooming easy. Regular grooming of your dog's coat will keep it clean...
Safari Plastic Flea Comb Bulk 100 Pack - Bulk (100 Pack)


Safari Plastic Flea Comb Jar combs may be used with all types of pets and breeds to help maintain a healthy coat. Between strokes, dip the comb into a cup of mild detergent to cleanse the tool. Great for use with all types of pets Bulk 100 Flea Combs Helps...
Safari Professional Nail Clipper - Large


Safaris Professional Nail Clipper is made from the finest quality Stainless Steel which will give a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge. Nail trimming should be a regular part of your pets grooming. Made from finest quality stainless steel Long-lasting, sharp cutting edge Ideal for medium to large dogs It is important...
Safari Self Cleaning Slicker Brush - Small Dogs - 7.5" Long x 3.5" Wide


Coastal Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush save you valuable clean-up time. With the touch of a button, the pins retract, hair falls away and the pad can be wiped clean. Clean the Self Cleaning Slicker Brush with a touch of a button Easily removes dead hair, tangles and matted hair from...

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