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Fluke's Gourmet-Style Canned Crickets 1.2 OZ


Fluker's Gourmet Style Canned Crickets provide reptiles, birds and fish with a moist, healthy meal that satisfies both nutritional needs and sensitive palates. They make an excellent daily meal for a variety of insect-eating reptiles, without the hassle of raising live food.
Fluker's Freeze Dried Cricket 1.2 OZ


Fluker's 100% freeze-dried crickets are first gut-loaded with fluker's hi-calcium cricket diet and then freeze-dried to maintain the maximum nutritional value and taste your pet needs. Recommended for reptiles birds and tropical fish.
Fluker's Freeze Dried River Shrimp 1 OZ


Shrimp are a natural prey for many different fish, aquatic amphibians and reptiles because they provide a high source of protein and essential amino acids.

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