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Booda Byrdy Multicolor Bird Toy BUSH

from $8.37

The Byrdy Bush provides your feathered friend with hours of enjoyable preening. The vibrant, multi-colored rope easily attaches to any cage and helps to brighten your bird's home. The tasseled end helps to prevent feather plucking and keeps your bird entertained.
Booda Comfy Multicolor Bird Perch

from $9.04

Enrich your bird's home with the bright colors and benefits of the Comfy Perch. Designed to soothe your bird's tender talons, you have the freedom to twist and bend the Comfy Perch into your own creative shapes. Unique forms hold shape without the danger of wires or stiffeners. Available in...
Booda Comfy Multicolor Bird Perch CROSS 25"

from $13.81

Customize your bird's perch with the Comfy Perch Cross. Designed to bend and twist into unique forms that hold shape without dangerous wires or stiffeners. The twist and texture of the rope soothes your bird's tender talons while providing fun exercise opportunities. The vibrant, multi-colored Comfy Perch Cross is available...
Booda Swing N Perch Bird Toy RING

from $14.01

The Swing N' Perch provides hours of swinging fun for your feathered friend! This durable perch is made from tightly woven cotton that is designed to sooth your bird's tender talon's without the dangers of wires or stiffeners. The multi-colored swings are available in a variety of sizes and are...

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